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2017 Valentines Day Style Inspo

Valentines Day is this week and if you need a little style inspo for your date night, this post is for you! I had a lot of fun creating these looks and getting a chance to play with my wigs again! This year, Valentines falls on a Tuesday, so I'm just curious, who will be celebrating the day of, and who will wait until the weekend? Do you and your special someone exchange gifts, or do you go and have a fun date night, or both? This year, with Alex and I's trip to South America coming up in just a week (eeek! so excited!) and so we decided to keep our Valentines low-key. That's why I love these styles, because they are all simple enough for a date night in, or a night on the town. So whether you're going on a hot date or spending some quality time at home, I hope you find these hair styles cute and inspiring. Enjoy!

Half Up / Half Down Hair Heart

I mean, it doesn't get any more perfect than this Instagram worthy hair heart style. This is a cute + easy look that is so perfect for a fun date night! To recreate this style, check out this tutorial.

Love is in the Hair / Heart Hair Stencil

How fun is this hair stencil? This was a super easy DIY, I simply cut out a heart shape from a piece of heavy stock paper, then used Joico InsaTint spray in the color Fiery Coral. I have InstaTint sprays available in Mermaid Blue, Orchid, Pink, Sapphire Blue + Fiery Coral. Grab one for yourself at your next salon visit.

Topsy Twists / Pull Through Braid

Two slightly different but equally adorable styles if you'd like to wear your hair off to one shoulder (super sexy) In the first picture, I created topsy twists by creating a ponytail, then pulling the ends through the base of ponytail, then repeat all the way to the ends, creating small twisted ponys all the way down. Here is a visual breakdown for this look. For the second look, I created a pull-through braid. I am currently in love with this braid because it looks unique and fancy, but it's actually so easy to do! Here's a how-to on how to create a pull-through braid.

Braided Bohemian Beauty

If you're going out, chances are that it could be a warm day on Valentines (Florida is awesome like that) and you may want to wear your hair up and off your neck, and this would be a simple and elegant style. To create this look I made two fishtail braids and then pinch + pulled each stand to make both braids thicker and to give them an "undone" texture. Then i simply wrapped them around the back of my head and secured them with bob pins. To give this look the final touch, I accessorized with this precious hair comb from NEEKAS.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I enjoyed playing dress up for a day. If you need any Valentines Day style help, feel free to message me, I'll also be in all week (my last week of work before I leave on vacation) if you'd like to come in and have me style your hair for you. To check availability, click here, and as always, if you get inspired by or recreate any of these styles, please snap a pic and tag me on social media so I can see them! Remember, the tag is @goodhairvibes #goodhairvibes

Happy Valentines Day, babes!