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My 5 Favorite Salon Tools!

Over the summer I wrote a blog about my top 5 could not live without beauty products. If you haven't had a chance to read it, you can find it here. Anyways, it's been about a year that I have been an independent salon owner, and I've had a lot of opportunities to try out new products from a bunch of different brands. With that being said, today I am writing to share my 5 favorite professional tools and products that make my job behind the chair exponentially better and easier. So if you're a fellow salon owner or stylist, this blog is for you! These are listed in no particular order, and I will add links to where you can get these amazing products for yourself.

1. Embee Meche sheets I'll be totally honest, I got my first box of these embee meche sheets when I bought the Pravana + Guy Tang Balayage kit and they pretty much sat in the box, unopened for probably about a year. Boy, was I missing out! Now that I've been using them, I am totally hooked! I particularly enjoy using them when I'm doing vivid colors, or any other color where I want to keep my sections separated. These are more ideal to use than foil in those situations where I need to keep an eye on how a color is processing, or want to keep track of color placement without having to open up foils. They are also really nice to use as a barrier between hair that's saturated with colors and your client's skin and your color cape. Just lay a couple pieces down and it keeps everything neat and clean. No need to wash color capes between every client, or risk color transfer, and lets be honest, a client doesn't want to sit in a cape that's covered in messy lightener or color. Colorists, you know what I mean. They are also reusable! Just rinse them off with water and let them air dry and they can be used several times, which for me, totally justifies the cost. They also come in different sizes, depending on the length of the hair you're working with. You can purchase them online here.

2. Wow Comb If you follow @lisalovesbalayage on Instagram, chances are you've already seen this amazing color distributing combs in action. I've had my eye on one for a while, but only just recently was able to get my hands on one, thanks to one of my very sweet Sola neighbors. This comb is so unique, It's like having an extra pair of hands to help my apply color. Think: getting toners through the hair 2x faster and creating beautiful, seemless shadow roots or reverse balayage. Unlike regular combs, this one is designed to help easily move color through the hair, not dragging it down, leaving lines or spots. It's very durable, and very easy to clean. Like I said, this is my newest toy and I can't wait to use it over and over again! You can find it here!

3. Any Framar product Seriously. Any fricken Framar product! I can't say enough about how incredible their color brushes, Foil It, fashion foils, color bowls, scales, gloves… my list could go on and on! I love their color bowls that have the “teeth” on them to help wipe off excess color and remove stray hairs (so annoying!). Their accu-soft bristle color brushes are perfect for flawless color application, especially with Balayage. And possibly my favorite, and best Framar investment, the Foil It dispenser and fashion foil. All of my guests who I use Framar foils on all comment on how cool my Foil It dispenser is, and it totally agree. I'm able to cut custom foil lengths for each of my clients, which means no waste! I can cut short pieces for my pixie clients, which means I don't have to deal with and waste all that extra foil, unlike the pre-cut foil. For the girls with hair down to their waists, I can cut one extra foil foil. Just one! I don't have to layer a bunch of foils to get coverage, and we all know that it's inevitable that at least one will fall, or slip. No Bueno. And I was originally a little hesitant about buying their foil. I wasn't sure how often I'd need to be replacing the roll and if I'd like the quality. Let me just say, so worth it! I do foils almost every day in the salon, and my 5lb roll has lasted 6 months! I'd have to buy several regular foil boxes in that amount of time. Not to mention, they are very high quality and come in different weights, light, medium and heavy, depending on what you prefer (I like light and medium) . Both myself and my clients love the fun, bright color and pattern they come in. Gone are the days of boring, silver foils! You can grab all your Framar products here.

4. Olaplex Okay, yes, I'm obsessed with Olaplex. But that's not a bad thing! Back in my beauty product haul I wrote over the summer, I shared how the Olaplex no. 3 was my favorite repairing, deep conditioning treatment to use at home. As a stylist and colorist, Olaplex is a must for keeping my clients hair strong, healthy, and vibrant. I can add Olaplex no. 1 directly into my lightener, to protect their hair while it lifts. I can add it to my color to help with longevity. I can use it as a stand alone treatment to even out porosity and add strength and moisture, which both color and non-color clients can benefit from. Have a client suffering from breakage? Give her an Olaplex treatment and send her home with no. 3 and you'll be able to see and feel the difference. You can find Olaplex at CosmoProf and Salon Centric.

5. EyeVac This one might be a little out of place with the rest of my list, but this little machine is one of my favorite items in my entire studio. Having it in my salon saves me so much time cleaning up after appointments, and even better, I don't have to keep a dustpan in my salon. For me, convenience and space consumption is so important, because I don't have time to running out to the waste bin all the time, and I need to keep the things in my studio compact. At first, I was reluctant to buy one because I wasn't sure if I was going to have to be dumping out the reservoir every other day. But to my pleasant surprise, I only have to empty it out about once a month! And it hardly takes up any room, which is perfect! Honestly, I'm not sure why every salon doesn't have one of these. They save so much time, space and it works really well. Just sweep up the hair and it sucks up EVERYTHING! I must be an adult now because I get excited about things like vacuums, but trust me, if you've been considering buying an EyeVac, get one. You'll be so glad you did. You can get yours here.

I hope I helped shed some light on these different brands and products, if you want more info check out the links I provided or feel free to message me about them. I should mention that I did not receive any compensation for reviewing these products, I just have been using them and genuinely love all of them.

There's still a few days left before Christmas, and it's never too late to add one (or all!) of these items to your wishlist!

Happy Hair Days!