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Game Day Style

Sports. Kind of a big deal for most. Did you know that between the NFL, MLB and NHL, on average, about 116 million spectators attend games each season? The average number of people who tailgate for games each season is around 20 - 50 million. That's a lot of hamburgers, body paint and beers, folks. And a lot of opportunities to use these super cute and easy looks I created to help you step up your team spirit game. Score!

1. It's like a tattoo - but for your hair

How cool is this hair stencil look? To start, I wanted to have a smooth surface to apply the stencil to, so I secured the top half of her hair with an elastic. Then I took a small piece of hair from underneath the pony I just created and wrapped it around the band, to cover it up. Secure with a bobby pin. I created a fishtail braid with the hair from her pony, and then two smaller 3 strand braids on either side. I bought two different stencils from Michaels, the larger star and a sheet of smaller ones. I placed the larger stencil center back and sprayed Joico Instatint in the color Sapphire Blue over it. Then on the sides, I used the sheet of small stars and sprayed a white hair spray that I picked up at Sally's on top of it. and wah-lah! That's it!

Hot Tip: The key to getting a clean stencil is to make sure it doesn't move at all once you begin spraying. Get a friend to help you, if you need to.

2. Insta-Spirit

I curled her hair with a 1" curl iron and tousled the curls with my fingers. Then I created two small 3 strand braid on either side of her head, and sprayed each braid with Joico Instatint in the color Fiery Coral, then wrapped them around the back of her hair and secured them with bob pins. Next, in random sections, I sprayed Joico Instant in the color Sapphire Blue and Fiery Coral to her ends.

Hot Tip: when using the Instatints, its better to apply it in small bursts rather than holding down the nozzle and going crazy. A little goes long way.

3. braids on braids on braids

This look is perfect if you want to get your hair up and off of your neck for those especially hot games. I gathered all of her hair into three ponytails at the back of her head. then I took yarn (in this case, in teal and orange) and tied the yarn around the base of her ponytails, leaving me with two yarn strings on either side of each ponytail. Then I created a 3 strand braid on each of the ponytails, making sure that as I braided, the yarn was showing on the outside. Then to give the braids a little more fullness, I pancaked them out, and wrapped them around the back of her head, kind of in a zigzag pattern and secured with bobby pins.

4. glitter roots!!

I divided her hair into two sides, creating a zigzag part all the way back. Then I put her hair into sock buns and sprayed down any flyaways using Redken Control Addict hairspray. Next, in a small plastic bowl I mixed up about an ounce of Gel, I used a cheap one I found at Sally's, and a ton of blue glitter I got from Michaels. Using a color brush, I carefully applied the gel/glitter mixture to her part only, feathering it out just slightly. Once that dried for a few minutes, I outlined her zigzag part with larger glitter pieces. She's game-day ready!

Hot Tip: a little gel goes a long way!

5. Yarn-ing for a Touchdown!

Casual yet pretty. I created low side pony and secured with an elastic band. then I took my yarn (I used three colors for this loo) and tied them around the base of her ponytail, then proceeded to create a fishtail braid, being sure that the yarn pieces were showing as I braided. Secure with a band and you're good to go!

I hope that you enjoyed these looks and got a little bit of team spirit inspiration! Have fun creating and tailgating in style!