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2016 Halloween Inspo 🎃🌙

I love Halloween. For those of you who know me, this probably doesn't come as a surprise. And when it comes to dressing up, well, that's the best part, isn't it? And I'm a big advocate on Do It Yourself costumes. The most obvious reason may be that that the store bought costumes can be pretty expensive for the value that you get. But I also like to get creative with making a costume myself, that way I can customize it and get it to look exactly the way that I want to. And, of course, I love the hair and makeup.

But that doesn't mean to say that every year I feel inspired. I've had a couple of years where I just wasn't that into it, and that can be frustrating, especially if you have events to go to that require a costume.

So if you're in that all too familiar creative rut, or just need a little bit of inspiration, I've recreated 5 different Halloween looks to help you get an idea of what you could do for your costume this year! All of these looks focus on a DIY approach, I will share the tips and tutorials I used to create these looks, as well as additional tips I discovered along the way. I'll also rate each each look depending on the simplicity, and time required to recreate the look. But don't worry, if I could recreate these costumes, I know that with my guidance, you will totally knock them out of the park!

Full disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist, nor do I claim to be. This was a fun little project to help inspire the uninspired and I hope you enjoy!

1. Butterfly Snapchat Filter IRL

1/5 difficulty

This look was inspired by one of my favorite Snapchat filters - The Butterfly Filter! This look was SO easy to recreate. When you use this filter through Snapchat, it makes your eyes, skin and lips look very sheer and nude, so no dark or dramamtic makeup required.

Makeup I used:

Eyes - Devine by Lime Crime (Venus palette), Omega by MAC

Face - Becca Cosmetics body perfecting mousse, Lorac contour kit, Fig blush by Clinique

Lips - Cashmere velvetine by LimeCrime

Then I simply curled my hair and broke them up with my fingers to create soft waves. But you can either wear your hair up or down, whatever you choose.

Tools used:

Iron - 1" Hot Tools curling iron

Heat styling - Iron Shape by Redken

Finishing - Quick Dry hairspray by Redken

Now for the Butterflies!

What you will need:

Butterflies - found in the gardening section at the dollar store, 4 packs = 8 butterflies

Glue - Elmers spray glue, found at Michaels

Glitter - Yellow and Orange, found at Michaels

Barrettes - can be found at any grocery, health or beauty store

Hot Glue Gun

I took the four packs if butterflies and sprayed them with the Elmer's glue, then half of the butterflies I sprinkled with the orange glitter, and the other half I topped with the yellow glitter. I let them dry overnight. Then using a hot glue gun, I glued the butterflies to the barrettes and tah-dah! That's it! I simply attached the barrettes to my hair, in a halo around my head and that about it. So easy, right? So this is great if you want something very simple, no fuss and totally unique. I would wear this with a pretty dress and call it complete!

2. Mermaid Merbabe

2/5 difficulty

I've done this costume in the past and it's really cute, very simple, and the makeup techniques used to create this look are a lot of fun, as well. You want to start by applying more of a "beauty" makeup. Think over exaggerated, dramatic eyes and lips, as well as contouring and brows.

Makeup I Used:

Eyes - shimmery purple eye pigment, black liquid eyeliner

Face - studio fix by MAC, Lorac contour kit

Lips - layered: Poisonberry by Limecrime on top of Peacock by Limecrime

Brows - Prune by NYX eyeshadow

What else you'll need:

Blue shadow (for the scales) - the blue shadow from the NYX Anti Diva eyeshadow palette

Purple (for the scales) - Deep Purple and Prune from NYX eyeshadow palette

Fishnet stockings

Sequins - I chose a pack with different shades of blues and greens, found at the dollar store

Eyelash adhesive

Glitter - found at Michaels

Once your makeup is on, you'll want to decide your color pallet for your Mermaid scales. I chose to go with blues and purples, but the choice is really yours. So what I did was I took a pair of fishnet stockings and placed it over my head. I know, it looks ridiculous but I promise the results are so amazing. With a powder brush, I packed on a ton of this blue eyeshadow and pressed it onto my face, over the fishnet, going along my hairline. Then when I felt I had a good amount of blue, I did the exact same thing with the purple eyeshadow. I layered the powder until I felt like I had good saturation of pigment. Here is a good visual for this technique.

*Hot Tip - you'll want to make sure to keep the fishnet from moving around too much, because the crisp lines give the best "scale" effect.

When I removed the stocking and had these really cool scales! Then I took my sequins and placed them on my face, randomly over the scales using eyelash adhesive. Give those a couple of minutes to completely dry. Then I basically drowned myself in glitter, because when you're a mermaid, you can never have enough glitter. Glitter in my hair, on my eyes, over the scales, on my eyebrows and on my collar bones and shoulders.

To finish this look, I put on a this wig, and of course, added more glitter and boom! Mermaid Merbabe!

For the costume, I wore a corset top that I bough from Frederick's Hollywood. It's a great black corset that is very comfortable and versatile, I've used it so many times for different costumes...I just love it. For the bottoms, I wore these adorable mermaid scale leggings. They come in several different colors, so decide what kind of Mermaid you want to be and have fun with it!

3. Oh Deer!

3/5 difficulty

This next costume I've seen on Pinterest several times and I think it's just so adorable - the Deer look! What I like about this look is that there are so many different variations when you search online so you can really choose which style deer makeup you like best. For my Deer costume, I pieced together a couple different DIY tutorials from Pinterest.

The Ears and Antlers:

Creating your ears and antlers is the hardest part about this costume. And of course, after I spent the time to make my own, I found a headband with the ears and antlers at the Spirit Halloween store. Go figure. But it's all good. It's kind of cool to say, hey I made this! My version was also cheaper and besides, who doesn't love a good DIY?

What you will need:

Headband - any cheap headband will do, I found mine at Ulta

Felt - dark brown and light brown, found at Michaels

White faux fur - found at Michaels

Pipe cleaners - found at the Dollar store

Brown paper bag

Mod podge

White and black paint

Paint brush

Hot glue gun

To make my headband, I combined there two different tutorials from Pinterest. This one for the ears and this one for the antlers. I attached my antlers to the headband first, that way I could get them painted without risking getting paint on the ears. The mod podge/water mixture was a little messy, but after I got the paper strips wrapped around the pipe cleaners, I sat them in front of a small fan and they dried super fast, and I was able to get them painted right away. I also did my ears slightly different: I used two shades of brown felt and then attached a small piece of the white faux fur to give my ears more color and texture. In all, it took me about 2 hours to make the headband.

Now like I said before, there are many different versions of the Deer makeup, but I found this tutorial on YouTube and I think it turned out really nice.

Makeup I Used:

Eyes - shimmer highlight from the Lorac contour kit, Omega eyeshadow by MAC

Contour - bare minerals warmth bronzer, medium contour from Lorac contour kit

White eyeliner - Milk jumbo pencil by NYX

This makeup took about 30 minutes to apply, and I finished my look by wearing this wig. To compete this costume, you could wear a brown or tan or beige dress. Simple, and so pretty!

4. Dia De Los Muertos

4/5 difficulty

I had to include my Day of the Dead inspired costume! I did this look a few years ago and I think it is probably one of my favorite costumes I've ever done. I had searched online for different DOTD makeup looks, which there are so many, like this one and this one. I chose the patterns and colors that I liked best and created my own version.

What I Used:

Face paint - white, black and red, found at any Halloween store

Black eyeliner

Gems - black and red, found at Michaels

Eyelash Adhesive

I did this costume back when I had my long, red hair, so I curled my hair and then loosely pinned it up for a soft, tousled updo. I wore the same black corset I mentioned before, a black tutu and fishnet stockings. Now, when you look at different DOTD looks they usually have some pretty flowers involved with the costume. I created my own flower embellishments, here's who I did it.

What I Used:

Black felt - found at Michael's

Flowers - I wanted these to match my color scheme so I chose red, white and black flowers from the Dollar store

Hot glue gun

Safety pins

I wanted to create a bundle of flowers to wear on my hip, one to wear on my corset and a few in my hair. I cut the backs off the flowers so that they would lay flat, and attached them to the black felt. Then I attached the felt to my top using the safety pins. So easy! For the flowers in my hair, I attached the felt to small barrettes and randomly pinned them in my hair. It took me about an hour to complete my makeup, and about an hour to create my flower pieces.

5. Pop Art Zombie

5/5 difficulty

I saw this Halloween makeup a couple of years ago when @ssssamanthaa did this look and I've been in love with it ever since. So this year I decided I'd give it a try and I really love the way it turned out! To walk me through the makeup process, I followed this tutorial on YouTube. She does a really good job breaking down each step and explaining the different colors she used. Now, I didn't have all these professional makeup colors that she used in her video, but I was able to find a Pop Art Zombie makeup kit at the Spirit Halloween store at Wiregrass mall, and it was perfect! Basically you add a small amount of water to each of the colors and mix it with a makeup brush and it applies very nicely to your skin. I also like that after a couple of minutes, the makeup was pretty much dry, which is great because is look has different color layered in top of each other and I didn't want them to mix or run together. I also liked that they didn't have a heavy, wet feel like some face paint can have. It was very comfortable to wear.

What I Used:

Pop Art Zombie Makeup kit - found at Spirit Halloween

Eyeliner - black liquid eyeliner

Setting powder - mineral veil by Bare Minerals

Lips - Showy Colorburst by Revlon

You want to make sure that any skin exposed has the green paint on it. This includes your ears, neck, chest, arms and hands. If you don't want to have to spend all that time getting covered in paint, you could wear a cool leather jacket and only worry about painting your neck and part of your chest. I also wore this purple wig from LizWigs, which looked pretty awesome with the green and pink makeup. The makeup application took about an hour.

*Hot Tip: you know how when you buy a cheap wig they usually have that weird, faking looking shine to them? Spray your wig with dry shampoo and lightly brush it through. That will help take away the shine and help make it look more natural.

I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I enjoyed creating them for you. If you're inspired to recreate any of these looks, or if you have your own idea for a cool Halloween costume, please share with me! Tag me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @goodhairvibes - I hope to create more tutorials and inspiration for you in the future so let me know what you think!

Happy Halloween! 🎃🌙

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