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February Inspo: Pinks & Rose Golds are EVERYTHING!

This month I am so inspired by soft, sexy pinks and pretty rose golds! From finding cute new pieces for decorating the new studio to bringing these tones to life through hair, these colors are so romantic and I can't get enough!

All the time I hear people say, "I wish I were brave enough to do something different to my hair."

First, let me just say, bravery has little to do with it. YOU are a QUEEN and your hair is your crown. Your style is the way you express yourself to the world without words, so let the world see what a fierce little kitten you are!

Second, pastel fashion colors are an AMAZING way to get a POP of color, without long term commitment. Not all fashion colors have to scream. Instead, adding a whisper of pink or lavendar into your already light hair can give you that extra shimmer and sparkle that will turn heads for sure.

Now, it's important to mention that fashion colors are EXTREMELY temporary, especially the more pastel the color. This is great for someone who wants a temporary change, because the pastels will last a few shampoos and eventually fade back to a light blonde.

So if you're also totally obsessed with this color and want to try it, make an appointment to see me and I will include a free shine treatment with your color!

Peace, love and good hair vibes ✌️


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