How to maintain your vivid/pastel hair color

I hope you are LOVING your mermaid or unicorn hair! Below is some helpful Information about Your Pastel/Vivid Color:


- Avoid long exposures in direct sunlight

- Avoid letting your hair soak in water, such as in a pool or in a bathtub

- Avoid salt water. Salt is abrasive and lifts color molecules out of the hair.

- Only wash your hair 1-2x per week. Your color will fade with each shampoo. It's best to use a sulfate-free shampoo. I recommend Pravana Vivid shampoo, which I have available at the salon.

- Dry shampoo is going to be your new best friend! I recommend Berlin by Pulp Riot. I also recommend using a cleansing conditioner, if you must wash your hair more than 1-2x per week. I recommend Genius Wash by Redken.

- Rinse your hair with cool water only. As cold as you can tolerate. Hot water opens the cuticle of the hair, causing the dye to release and wash out.

- Using a color depositing conditioner, like Overtone, or a custom color bomb made by me will help you to refresh color in between salon visits. Don't hesitate to ask which color I recommend!

- Seeing your color bleed in the shower is normal, especially for darker dyes like reds, blues and violets. Avoid using white towels and pillow cases.

- Avoid using high temperatures on your heat styling tools, like curl and flat irons. High temperatures can cause accelerated fading.

- Pastel and vivid colors are not permanent. Pastel shades are sheer and typically last 4-6 shampoos. Vivid colors can last 8-10 shampoos. Following the tips above will help your color last longer, and staying consistent about your appointments will help with the longevity of your color.

I also offer a color refreshing service that allows you to come to the salon for a full Color Refresh, treatment and blowdry! This is a great option for when you don't need big services, like a root touch up or a haircut.


But most of all, enjoy your good hair vibes! And be sure to tag me @goodhairvibes - I love seeing client selfies!